There are a number of methods to get visitors to your website however what can you do to keep them there? Below we are going to talk about 10 things you can implement and show you how to lower bounce rate.

The variety of visitors who land on a site and quickly move on is called the bounce rate. Many websites that have a high bounce rate are not currently utilizing these techniques or have no idea what their market really desires and needs. If you are wondering “why is my bounce rate so high”, here are 10 proven pointers to keep visitors on your website longer.

how to lower bounce rate

Tip #1: Teach your visitors something.

Visitors don’t desire loads of buzz, they wish to learn and increase their knowledge of your product or market so they can make a notified choice.

Provide informational content about your product or services. Teach your visitors and this will assist them to create a good opinion about your website.

Keep the navigation simple. While you may think themed titles are adorable, your visitors may become baffled and end up leaving your website. If in doubt, constantly go with the more typical title.

Tip #2: Keep your material updated.

Attempt to upgrade times, dates, and news short articles as much as possible. You do not want your site to seem like it was released in the stone age, do you? If you’re running a details-based site then it is necessary to consistently add unique and fresh material.

Tip #3: Add a blog.

If your web host includes the option within your hosting bundle, blogs can be added to your site with a few clicks. If not, you can constantly begin a totally free blog at or and link it back to your site.

Tip #4: How to lower bounce rate on blog

Blogs are a simple way to add brand-new content. It’s a great way to add user-generated material and it’s a remarkable method to construct a dedicated group of visitors who visit your blog site every day. Because blogs develop interaction with your visitors and also build trust and produce the feeling that there is actually someone on the other side of the site.

Blogs that use quality material constantly bring a faithful group of fans and frequently create significant earnings.

The majority of website owners describe the item’s features, for example, Rubber coated speaker, 2-ohm total impedance, etc., Your visitors do not buy functions, they buy the benefits that the item or service will offer for them. Is your item a time saver? Make sure you explain how the product will make the visitor’s life more productive, more fun, simpler, or much better.

Tip #5: Provide product images and related images.

Individuals like to imagine things. Ever wonder where daydreaming originated from? Websites with appropriate images assist stimulate the visitor’s emotions and emotions drive sales. Keep in mind a picture deserves 1,000 words.

Tip #6: Make certain your visitor knows their purchase is protected.

Since they’re afraid of getting scammed, more than one-half of all purchasers will not buy online.

Happily display screen signs of trust like BBB Online and Verisign logo designs. Ensure your visitors understand your site is secure or most will not feel comfortable making the purchase.

Tip #7: Ensure your educational material is precise.

When you back it up with recommendations and 3rd party awards, your visitors will stick around to read your message particularly.

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Tip #8: Request site feedback.

Offer your visitor a way of leaving feedback for you and other readers.

Testimonials are an effective tool due to the fact that they offer your product credibility from a third party. Reviews can be a trusted home builder, specifically if you offer a reference (phone number, e-mail address, etc.) for them to get in touch with the user that provided the review. Most of the time your visitors will not call the individual that gave the review but it assists build trust and provides a more authentic feel.

Tip #9: Test and Tweak.

Not every site will be a home run the very first time it steps to the plate. Use tools like Google Analytics to identify what makes your visitors stay and what makes them “bounce”. You then continue to develop on the good and drop the bad.

Tweaking your site will improve the efficiency of your sales connect and funnel appeal with time. The distinction between a website that produces 100% ROI (return on investment) and 500% ROI is usually a matter of split screening and tweaking.

Effective sites keep their visitors interested with easy-to-find information that satisfies the visitor’s wants and requirements. That is what separates the beauty from the monster.

Visitors don’t want loads of hype, they want to find out and increase their knowledge of your product or market so they can make a notified choice.

The majority of website owners explain the product’s features, for example, Rubber covered speakers, 2-ohm total impedance, and so on, Your visitors do not acquire features, they acquire the benefits that the item or service will supply for them. Make sure you describe how the product will make the visitor’s life more productive, more enjoyable, much easier, or much better.

Make sure your visitor understands their purchase is safe. Use tools like Google Analytics to determine what makes your visitors stick around and what makes them “bounce”.

Those are 10 tips that you can take action on RIGHT now and you now know how to lower bounce rate on your site and sites! Subscribe to iHeartIM for daily new blog posts :).

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